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Using github issues is our preferred way to commmunicate with users :)

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Cite the browser

If you used the browser in your research, please help us by citing the following paper(s):

(the original browser paper)

Daofeng Li, Silas Hsu, Deepak Purushotham, Renee L Sears, Ting Wang, WashU Epigenome Browser update, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 47, Issue W1, 02 July 2019, Pages W158–W165, [PMID: 31165883].

(2022 update)

Daofeng Li, Deepak Purushotham, Jessica K Harrison, Silas Hsu, Xiaoyu Zhuo, Changxu Fan, Shane Liu, Vincent Xu, Samuel Chen, Jason Xu, Shinyi Ouyang, Angela S Wu, Ting Wang, WashU Epigenome Browser update 2022, Nucleic Acids Research, Volume 50, Issue W1, 5 July 2022, Pages W774–W781, [PMID: 35412637].

(3D browser)

Daofeng Li, Jessica K. Harrison, Deepak Purushotham & Ting Wang, Exploring genomic data coupled with 3D chromatin structures using the WashU Epigenome Browser, Nature Methods volume 19, pages 909–910 (2022) [PMID: 35864166].